“Mr. President, with the greatest respect, I would prefer the American eagle’s neck to be on a swivel so that it could face the olive branches or the arrows, as the occasion might demand”

– Winston Churchill



I’m Benjamin Spacapan, a private equity associate and student of international relations and the developing world. My brother, John Spacapan, and I spend way too much time reading about and debating foreign policy, and decided to blast our thoughts onto the Internet for your enjoyment. We don’t have all the answers, or even many answers, but hopefully our rambling will help you form your own opinions.  In case it isn’t clear, everything we write here is our own opinions and unrelated to either of our employers.

The United States is part of a complicated global network of nations. As the most powerful military and largest economy, the U.S. reaches almost every part of the world, as a trade partner, ally, rival, or sometimes occupier. We selected the above quote from Winston Churchill referencing the Presidential Seal to highlight the ever-shifting circumstances in which the U.S. operates, and the necessity that American leaders remain flexible.